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Happy 2017! I hope you are enjoying these last few days of winter break and that your 2017 is off to a wonderful start.  It is around this time of year that people make what is called a New Year’s Resolution.  A resolution is usually some sort of goal or goals that a person wants to achieve by the end of the year.  I was thinking about how we could make resolutions in our classroom and I came across the #oneword project on Twitter.  Instead of creating a list of goals that you may or may not achieve, you choose one word.  You heard me right, one word that you are going to put all of your energy into for the rest of the year.   This concept is from the authors Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page in their book called One Word that Will Change Your Life. The more I learned about #oneword, the more I knew we had to try it in Seussville!

Here’s your #OneWord mission before you come back to school on January 5:

1.) Please watch the two videos below to learn more about #oneword, see examples, and get inspired!

2.) Pay close attention to the first video at the time 1:05.  There is an important graphic they show that I will also include in this post.  This is meant to help you find your word.

3.) Start brainstorming and select your #oneword for 2017! What word do you think can sum up your goals perfectly? What word will you focus on, share with others, and live every day? Can you explain why you chose that word to others?

That’s it!  By simply having your word ready in your brain, you will be good to go. When you get back to Seussville, we are going to work more on your chosen word, talk about how to hold ourselves accountable, and create a collaborative project to share!  I can’t wait to share my word with you and hear all about yours!

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  1. January 4th, 2017 at 10:29 am      Reply Ashawnesty Says:

    There were some awesome words in there. My word is responsible.

  2. January 4th, 2017 at 6:18 pm      Reply Audrey Says:

    I loved the videos it taught me something! My word is effort.

  3. January 4th, 2017 at 11:15 pm      Reply Emma S. Says:

    I loved the words and the videos.My word is thankful.

  4. January 5th, 2017 at 8:25 pm      Reply Emersyn Says:

    I loved the videos because there are true things in the both videos. My word was learn.

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