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~*The Pitzer Post*~

May 22-24, 2017

In this weekly post, you will find information about the academic content and special events happening in the upcoming week. 

Literacy (Reading & Writing)

We have completed all 16 themes of our reading and writing curriculum! WHOO! I am so proud of all of our hard work this year.  We have learned the following:

Vocabulary Words:
We learned 96 vocabulary words this year:

cabin, visit, memory, tradition, relatives, generation, rely, role, member, identity, sibling, symbol, fascinate, exploration, journal, measure, calendar, interval, daily, orbit, position, solar, ray, rotate, crossing, rural, build, purpose, social, urban, reside, route, state, journey, boundary, terrain, essential, wheel, machine, reduce, labor, effort, attract, magnet, object, operate, field, effect, result, vote, wait, government, duty, election, contribute, police, volunteer, participate, influence, emergency, nourished, farming, maintain, bounty, various, produce, freight, consume, distribute, available, taste, range, interest, earn, increase, value, browse, spend, market, business, prepare, provide, obtain, wages, droplet, puddle, cause, stage, transform, precipitation, fresh, careless, amount, critical, parched,  and drought

Your child should be able to define each word and use it in a sentence correctly!

Phonics Patterns
We learned 62 patterns this year:

diagraphs (ph, th, ch, sh), short vowels, ake, ine, oke, ute, ail, ain, ay, eed, ea, eat, oat, ow, ue, ui, or, orn, art, ir, urn, air, eer, ear, ore, are, ire, oom, ew, au, aw, awn, alk, all, ood, ook, ank, ink, unk, ice, age, arge, oil, oy, ound, out, ow, contractions, kn, wr, dge, tch, adjectives with er and est, prefix un, suffixes (ful, less, er, ly), plurals ( s, es), plurals (y to an i and add es), y plus er & est, verbs (ending in ed), verbs (ending in ing), and compound words

Your child should be able to spell and read words correctly with the above patterns!

We learned 8 genres this year in writing:

personal narrative, expository (informational)/observation log, letter, biography, opinion/response to literature, story (realistic, fantasy, humorous, fable, mystery, fairy tale, and folktale), poetry and procedural text!

Your child should be able to explain what each type of genre is, provide examples of books and write text that would fall into to one of these genres!

We were also able to get to 40 minutes of guided reading stamina! WOW!  Next week, we will review what we have learned in creative and neat ways!


Wow we were able to complete 15 chapters in math this year! In those chapters we learned the following concepts:

Place value to 1,000, addition with and without regrouping to 1,000, subtraction with and without regrouping to 1,000, bar models, multiplication, division, balanced equations, metric measurement, money, fractions, time, picture graphs, lines & surfaces, shapes & patterns.

The most important skills to take away from second grade are the first four concepts listed.  Those are skills your child should have mastered or be very close to mastery.  We also learned stamina.  We sometimes have to try, erase, try, erase and try again.  It is hard but when we apply what we have learned and use our critical thinking and problem solving skills, we can do wonderful things!

Next week will be spent reviewing our skills in fun and engaging ways!


Upcoming Events

Monday, May 22, 2017 

  • Lunch: Hot Dog
    • Your child can bring a beach towel, sunglasses, sandals, hat, etc. (no bathing suits, please)
  • Visitors can join us for our last reading camp beach front style! 9:30am-10:00
  • Followed by the premiere of our end of the year movie
  • Yearbook signing in the Gym/Playground @2pm

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 

  • Lunch: Cheese Pizza

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

  • Lunch: Sub Sandwich
  • Last Day of School @1pm

Celebrating Our Greatness!

  • Wrapping up our reading, writing and math curriculum
  • Selecting 5 books for our #SummerShelfie reading challenge
    • A note coming home with more details!
  • Realizing just how much we have learned this year
  • Creating compound word posters to highlight what we learned about this phonics pattern
  • Designing a picture made entirely of shapes in Google Drawings
  • Working hard to level up on the super improver wall
  • Meeting our end of the year goal in World Language and getting to wear our PJs to school
  • Celebrating AR and perfect attendance accomplishments at the DGS awards ceremony

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