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Poetic Quest #30


Poem #30

For the Heroes A Pep Talk by: Kid President

To celebrate the end of our Poetic Quest, write a poem about the person that inspires you, encourages you, and supports you on the Padlet and include a picture with them.  Then thank them for helping and supporting you! 🙂 
100 points

Poetic Quest #29


Poem #29

HooPoe Voodoo by: Deborah Ruddell

Poetic Quest #28


Poem #28

Weatherbee’s Diner by: Calef Brown


You can write any of the below poems from Poetry Cafe Day:
-Pass the Plate Poetry
-Roll the Dice Poetry
-Selfie Poetry
-Book Spine Poetry

For each poem written, published on the Padlet, and a picture included, you will earn 25 points. (Max 100 points)

Please publish any of these above poems on our Poetry Quest Padlet: 

Poetic Quest #27


Poem #27

Listen to the Mustn’ts by: Shel Silverstein

Poem in your Pocket Day! Celebrate National Poem in Your Pocket Day: select a poem you love, carry it with you, then share it with family and friends. You can also check out and or post poems using the hashtag #pocketpoem

Poetic Quest #26


Poem #26

The Acrobats by: Shel Silverstein

Poetic Quest #25


Poem #25

I’m Tired of Being Little by: Jack Prelutsky
(2 page poem, click on pictures to enlarge)

Publish an original poem inspired by this one on the Padlet.  However, instead of typing it and including a picture, add a video of you reading your poem. **100 points**

Poetic Quest #24


Poem #24

My Shadow by: Louis Stevenson

Poetic Quest #23


Poem #23

Flapjack Jack by: Lou Brooks

Poetic Quest #22


Poem #22

Combination Tango by: Calef Brown

Poetic Quest #21


Poem #21

Crocodile’s Toothache by: Shel Silverstein


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